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NuJak Companies, Inc.

2 story residence for a young couple with a love for mid-century modern.


Representative of their lifestyle, The living room is placed center in the plan. All other spaces radiate from this spacious two story volume. Contrasting this central living space are two 10’high cubes, each placed on opposite sides of the main living space Monolithic colored walls and ceiling and raised wood floors contrast with the polished concrete and white walls of the living room. The one cube contains the entry foyer, the second cube, the dining area. The emphases placed on these spaces represents their importance to this family. The entry says comfort, safety, security and unconditional love, The dining as a place for sharing, and bonding.


The top of the two story living area is framed with a horizontal band of windows .The desired flat roof form would not be in compliant with community deed restrictions.The low slope hip roof with wide overhangs provides compliance while reinforcing the horizontal focus of the composition.

the DiPiero residence

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